Protection Against Cyber Attack Through The Use Of Biomimetic

Cybersecurity has become one of most popular threat facing many countries today and this shouldn’t come to some as a surprise, due to fact that some people are already aware of this threats and have been using some measures like browsing through secure browser and using tools which hides your IP address, but as the storing of personal data online has continue to increase and according to findings identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in America. In order to guide against cybersecurity attack and online hackers trying to infiltrate software, applications, and systems to steal valuable and sensitive information, cybersecurity professionals and certified engineers are starting to seek nature for help and inspiration. This latest approach is known as Biomimetic and is now being relied upon to develop everything from wind turbines (making use of whale fins as means of inspiration) to catheters wound treatment the depends only on pattern to inhibit bacteria growth (making use of the skin of shark as inspiration).

What is Biomimetic?

The Biomimetic Institute carefully describe biomimetic as an approach to innovation that provides lasting solutions to human problems by simply emulating nature’s trusted time pattern and strategies. Reason for this approach is because there are a lot of species and organisms that have been in existence here on earth far before humans, so they must have learned how to adapt and survive no matter the condition, Janine Benyus who is a science author opinion is “they are our elders” so we have a lot to learn from them in order to develop a long-lasting and sustainable systems. “Considering after over 3.5 billion years of in-depth research and development, we should see failure as part of the entire process and what should inspire us is the secret of survival no matter the condition”

“Our most brilliant architectural struts with beams could be compared with lily pads gadget and the  bamboo stems. What about our central unit heaters and the air conditioning systems could be linked to termite towers steady at 86 degree F. What about our stealthy which is solid of hearing liking to the bats multi-frequency transmission. And not forgetting our latest ‘smart materials’ won’t hold a single candle on the skin of dolphin’s. In fact, the wheel that we always cherish as one of human best creation has now been discovered inside the small rotary motor which propels the flagellum of one of the oldest bacteria’s that ever exist in this world.

Although is just of recent that the cybersecurity industry began to look at Biomimetic to help inform their tactics towards fighting against cybercrime, this is not new to some other industries because they have since been testing and implementing technology develop using Biomimetic system.

SLIPS Technologies, for instance, has started testing surface treatments and films at a skyscraper located in New York City, United States, to see it is possible to prevent snow and ice accumulation. The idea of the surfaces treatments and films was inspiration gotten from the darkling beetle that is found in places as Nambian desert land and harvest moisture from the fog.

However, if we check way back we will discover that Biomimetic did not start now, it has was used in past decades, just that there was no official name for it until 1982 by Janine Benyus. Let check story of the Wright brothers, for instance, they employed Biomimetic through the observation of pigeons in flight and then use that as a source of inspiration to building the world first ever airplane.

How is Biomimetic Being Utilize For The Purpose of Cyber Security?

When we look at the Cyber Security Industry, Biomimetic could provide a lot of solutions. JR Reagan, who is the global chief security information security officer at Deloitte gave some in-depth analysis by saying, ” to me this seems paradoxical, because it involves taking from the natural world in order to protect a virtual one, is obvious that we, humans, have taken part in Biomimetic since age’s, beginning properly with putting on animal hides in order to stay warm. Just as then, some of the challenges we might be facing if we look closer there may be a solution right in our own backyard through the use of nature. “

Just of recent The Harvard Business School Review wrote something about how we can easily learn from the lizard, that normally uses his tail in times of attack so as to guide those organs it cherish the most. Relating this to security, HBR further explained that, “sometimes you there might be need for you to offer Some sacrificial system or information as a decoy to a cyber-predator, on such a situation the attack will be an advantage, giving your company the needed time to understand the kind of attacker and gives you the opportunity to include more security on the vital areas of your information infrastructure”

In a similar manner, digital ants are being tried as a measure that could be used to assist in identifying cyber threats before they happen. Digital ants crawl all over computer systems looking for threat and the moment one is found, the other ant army is alerted to come to destroy the threat and also send a notification to the system administrator.

As certified engineers and cybersecurity experts start to observe more closely what nature has in the offering, there are high chances for them to discover more working cybersecurity tactics through our ecosystem, which have been in existence for over 3.5 billion years.