The Vision of the Summit

We understand Biomimetics as the process by which behavioral models present in nature are investigated and applied in the development of new products and solutions to provide innovation and value to companies and to society while respecting our limited natural resources.
The Biomimetic Summit is the meeting point for institutions, research centers, universities, companies, designers, managers, and thought leaders to share ideas, discuss about tendencies and obtain solutions and transversal models of economic impact, facilitating cross innovation between the different disciplines.


Transmit the knowledge imparted by experts on the current implantation of Biomimetics worldwide through:

• Interventions by sector leaders.

• Presentation of ongoing Research and Developments focused on Manufacturing and Product Design.

• Workshops and group discussions about success stories of products and solutions already in the market.

• “One to one” demonstrations in the Business Connect area to learn about the most advanced ideas and innovations.

• Networking platform to identify synergies between researchers and the industry.

• Provide delegates with the necessary tools to reorientate their business and production models to a new model based on nature-inspired innovation.