Biomimetic Summit Barcelona 2016 Cancelled

It is with great regret that we need to inform all interested parties the cancellation of Biomimetic Summit 2016. During the preparation of the Summit we have received enormous amounts of positive feedback and interest to participate. Unfortunately the event did not attract the required corporate sponsorship to make the organization economically feasible.

The past years have shown as that there exists a huge interest to biomimicry but at the same time the novelty of the field clearly limits the interest of industry.

As the purpose of the Biomimetic Summit was to create a link between research and academic institutions with the manufacturing industry it is clear that the lack of support from corporate collaborators requires rethinking the entire concept and the event objectives.

We are convinced that the main reason behind the difficulties is simply the lack of maturity in perceiving biomimicry as a true added value for business.

We would like to thank and sincerely apologize to everyone involved and obviously the ones wanting to participate. We are currently working on improving the focus of the event and hopefully in the near future we can offer you something very interesting.

Kindest Regards,

The Biomimetic Summit Organizing Committee

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