Conferences, knowledge exchange sessions, networking and product and solution exhibitions will be brought together for the first time to explore the opportunities of Biomimetics to innovate products and services from a multidisciplinary and transversal approach.

In this first edition of the Biomimetic Summit® we have chosen two topics to articulate the relationship between them and Biomimetics:

1. Biomimicry in Product Design

2. Biomimicry in Product Manufacturing

These topics apply to the 3 following areas:

Material innovation is one of the fields with the greatest potential and capacity for continuous expansion. Materials conform our reality and the products we work and live with are made of them.

Also known as bionics. It is nurtured by both the emulation of the mechanisms developed by systems to obtain mobility and the abstraction from these systems in order to invent new bio-inspired realities.

It is surely the most transcendental of the three areas since it deals with new ways of understanding economy and its production systems in order to approach them to the efficiency levels nature uses for self-regulation.

Speakers’ Profile

The speakers’ selection has been based on the identification of the most advanced professionals and institutions in the application of competitive advantages of using Biomimetics.

Thus, we count with the presence of scientists, disseminators, entrepreneurs and researchers, economists and investors worldwide as profiles representing the state of the arts of Biomimetics, as well as with the presence of representatives of leading countries in this area.